Zochem North Marks Long Run of Near-Perfect Zinc Oxide Quality

Brampton, Ontario, Canada—Zochem’s Brampton Ontario plant recently recognized its staff for achieving ten consecutive years of producing finished product that exceeded customer specifications greater than 99% of the time. This mark included not only standard grades of zinc oxide powder but custom grades as well.

The ”Zochem North” team attributes the success of their in-spec production to understanding the critical primary and secondary inputs that can impact the physical properties and chemistry of their finished products.  It is a combination of process experience, along with quality engineering tools that allow Zochem to maximize efforts toward continuous improvement. Zochem North has a wide bandwidth of customers, each with specific expectations. Having an in-depth understanding of those expectations is where the process starts.

Zochem’s General Manager Mo Sharma added, “It takes both teamwork and competency to go even one year with a strong run of in-spec production and quality.  In order to achieve a run as long as we have maintained at Zochem here in Brampton, the entire team from sales and customer service to production, maintenance, quality, and the administration staff to all being dedicated to making sure that the customer gets the products, packaging, and delivery they expect.”

Sharma continued, “As a recognized industry leader, Zochem always wants to set the standard for customer satisfaction. Our ten-year data demonstrates that our technology, methodology, and personnel are up to the task.”