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Muffle Furnace Technology

Zochem is the leader in French Process Zinc Oxide production using sustainable Muffle Furnace technology that provides minimal molten metal handling and industry-low carbon emissions.

We have invested over $70M in the last decade in facility improvements and equipment expansions. We operate state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

Our design is focused on optimizing key characteristics of furnace construction materials, bath size, burner technology, and heat recuperation to allow for the safe operation and consumption of SHG (Special High Grade) Zinc along with reusable and recyclable materials.

The Dream Team, which includes decades of furnace design and construction knowledge, has taken a fundamental approach where the geometry, sizing, equipment selection, and mapping have been combined to:

  • Minimize the amount of molten metal handling.
  • Reduce carbon emissions per ton produced.
  • Maximize the ability to consume recyclable and reusable materials.
  • Increase the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) for customer order predictability.
  • Protect against unwanted fugitive emissions.

Zochem is where zinc oxide science meets sustainability.


Muffle Furnace Excellence

Certainty starts here. Minimal and predictable downtime

Lowest Scope 1 Emissions for French Process ZnO Production

Least molten metal handling per ton of ZnO produced

Safe and sustainable consumption of recyclable and reusable materials

Highest heat recuperation temperatures

Lowest emissions for employee and community safety

*No recordables since Zochem South began
construction and manufacturing operations.

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