Scrap & Recycled Zinc

Zochem buys scrap and surplus zinc, zinc drosses,
skimmings, clean die cast, kirksite, castings,
zinc anodes, zinc remelts, secondary zinc and more!

We Want Your Recycled or Secondary Zinc

If you believe you have material that can be recycled into zinc oxide in any quantity, do not hesitate to reach out to us. If your zinc suits our needs, Zochem will make a fair market offer.

Zinc Dross

Top dross from continuous galvanizers coating process.


Any zinc skims that are coming from a process using low amounts of Fe (1.5% or less), Cu (2.5% or less), Pb (less than 500ppm), and Cd (less than 50ppm).

Clean Die Cast

Clean new zinc die cast. Ideally 95% Zn or higher. Most ZAMAK alloys work for our process as well.


Any kirksite dies or remelt of kirksite dies. Usually used in the process of large part molding. Must have any Fe, Pb and rubber attachments removed.

Zinc Remelts

Any form of a zinc remelt that is 95% Zn or more. Sensitive to Fe, Pb and Cd.

Other Forms of Secondary Zinc

Any other zinc scrap with 95%+ Zn such as turnings, punchings, sheets or coils.


Contact Alex Brown, Zochem Supply Chain manger, below, or call him directly at 615-375-5070.

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