Environmental Social & Corporate Governance (ESG)


Safety, Health & Environmental

Safety Secures the Zochem Dream Team’s Starting Line-up: Over 11 Years of Winning!

Zochem fosters a ZERO-Injury work environment overseen by our Dream Team. Our Dream Team members promote a safe and welcoming work environment, keeping the STARTING LINE-UP on the floor which is why CERTAINTY STARTS HERE!

The company is proud of its record of 12 years and 9 years without a lost-time injury at our Brampton, Canada, and Dickson, U.S.A. locations respectively. Our Dickson location was a Greenfield site in 2014.

Our safe and sustainable performance on-site complements the Zochem product which is often used in applications essential for human health, infrastructure, and the safe operation of equipment and vehicles.

Zochem has been recognized by multiple industry leaders including the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) who awarded us the Gold Safety Award. Rubber News has recognized Zochem for the 4th consecutive year with the Best Place to Work Award.

A Genchi Genbutsu (Go-and-See) approach is used at Zochem which includes a thorough review of risk assessments to ensure complacency does not set in. Innovative and collaborative discussions are what drive our critical thinking and adherence to our industry-leading safety programs.

“We all understand the importance of what we do, but we enjoy doing it with our team mates day in, and day out. Working alongside people who are always watching out for your best interests is invaluable, and a trait the Zochem Dream Team never takes for granted.” – Dickson Plant Manager Jimmy Kight


Zero lost time injuries for over 12 years (Brampton) and 9 years (Dickson – since inception)

Zinc Oxide operation with the lowest Scope 1 CO2 footprint per ton produced

ISO 9001:2015 and 14001 Certified

FDA, Health Canada, and ICH Q7A Certified

European REACH Certified

Rubber News Best Place to Work – 4 consecutive years

*No recordables since Zochem South began
construction and manufacturing operations.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Health, Wellness and Community are Zochem priorities

Zochem continues to strengthen its profile as both a valued employer and contributor to local businesses and causes within the community.

Our Dream Team employees lie at the core of our efforts. Their feedback, through health and wellness surveys and internal committees, is what energizes our focus on excellence and our relationship with the community around us.

A healthy employee translates into a healthy stakeholder relationship and yields positive results for all. Our communities benefit greatly from Zochem’s Dream Team’s work. We provide active support, in both time commitment and monetary terms, to ensure neighbors benefit from being part of the Zochem landscape.

At Zochem we have built our sustainability platform on a commitment to health, safety, and environmental compliance. This initiative is directly supported by our highly engaged Board of Directors. The foundation of this philosophy is a focus on our people, our community, and being the continuous, communicative, and consultative solution for our customers.

“In recent years, when the economic strain has been so great on our communities, Zochem has stepped up to contribute more than ever to local charities in both the Dickson, Tennessee, and Brampton, Ontario areas. We especially focus on children battling illnesses and ensuring families, who may be less fortunate, have the basic necessities for themselves and their children. The Zochem Dream Team amplifies this by volunteering their time and efforts.” – President & C.E.O. Mohit Sharma

Zochem’s Foundation is Education, Innovation, and Collaboration

Zochem demonstrates best practices, sets global standards, drives innovative change, while striving for perfection, fulfilling our customers’ needs, and protecting our team members, our community, and the environment.

Zochem’s team members (The Dream Team) operate as a cohesive unit to promote our core values while ensuring our team members are empowered and our environmental impact is always positive.

At Zochem, we will never stop growing our expertise, and our reputation in our community and the marketplace. We’re committed to the continuous development of our people.

Should you wish to support children’s charities, while learning more about Zinc Oxide, please use the link below to purchase “Zochy’s Adventures in Zinc Oxide”, a book written by Zochem to give back while educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Zochy’s Adventures with Zinc Oxide