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Zochem Celebrates 50 Years in Brampton, Ontario

Zochem 50 years in Brampton Ontario

Zochem Celebrates 50 Years in Brampton, Ontario

Brampton, Ontario, 2024 – June 19, 2024 – Zochem is thrilled to announce the celebration of its 50th anniversary in Brampton, Ontario. This significant milestone marks half a century since the company relocated from near Montreal, Quebec, to the thriving suburb of Brampton in 1974. Originally established in 1933, Zochem built a state-of-the-art facility in Brampton to manufacture zinc oxide using the advanced French Process.

This year also coincides with Brampton’s 50th anniversary as a city, making it a doubly significant celebration. Brampton officially became a city on January 1, 1974, with a population of 88,820. The new city was formed from the Town of Brampton, half of Chinguacousy Township (including Bramalea), most of Toronto Gore Township, and a small portion of the Town of Mississauga.

Zochem’s decision to relocate to Brampton was strategic. Situated in the heart of the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor, Brampton offers unparalleled connectivity. The city is ranked #1 among mid-sized North American cities for connectivity, according to FDI Intelligence’s American Cities of the Future 2019/20 report. Brampton’s location provides easy access to seven major highways and is home to CN’s largest intermodal railway terminal in Canada. Additionally, the Port of Toronto’s connection to the St. Lawrence Seaway offers extensive transportation, distribution, storage, and containerization services for both international and domestic markets.

In Brampton, Zochem has not only been a respected local employer but has also become an environmental leader, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment. The company’s employees are deeply involved in the community, participating in numerous charitable events and initiatives.

As Zochem and Brampton both celebrate their 50th anniversaries, the partnership between the company and the city stands as a testament to mutual growth, innovation, and community spirit.

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Zochem Celebrates 50 Years in Brampton, Ontario

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