Zochem’s drive for excellence in 2024

As we venture into 2024 with a continued drive for excellence, our ability to navigate the waters is directly attributed to our business partners and their desire to share their coordinates and their compass. We learn each day. We received an unprecedented education in health and safety, teamwork, and supply chain management over the last 3-4 years, which was 100% unsolicited, yet never taken for granted. As a leader in specialty chemical manufacturing, Zochem has listened and learned, and through collaboration and innovation has risen to be the sustainable and responsible supplier of French Process Zinc Oxide. Certainty Starts Here.

Our three key pillars remain intact.

We hire the right people, affectionately known as the Dream Team. Being the most valuable asset, our high-achieving employees over two nations facilitate and execute on the requests of all stakeholders. They will continue to provide continuity and consultation to our customers, suppliers, neighbors, local state/provincial governments, and most importantly, themselves.

We practice the morals and values of what a good Samaritan is. Giving back to our community, our employees, and families and children who find themselves in less fortunate conditions is core from the Board of Directors and throughout the organization. As opportunities arise to better serve our local areas, Zochem’s staff will illustrate this core value through volunteering their time, efforts, and voice. With 2023 having ended with geopolitical concern and tension, Zochem will be a beacon of positive energy to ensure the individuals within our business communities are heard and that they have the necessities to provide for their families, many of which include French Process Zinc Oxide.

We take care of our customers, internal and external. Zochem invested over $7M in infrastructure, building improvements, and new muffle furnace capacity for the Dickson (TN, USA) facility in 2023. This expansion was completed based on having redundancy and security of supply for our valued users, a key element of our customer’s risk management matrices. In Brampton (ON, Canada), kaizen and expansion on our rail spur have created increased versatility for the plant and the rail network for improved predictability of material supply and production operation. With engineered continued improvements on our already industry-leading muffle furnace CO2 footprint, 2024 is expected to be greener, and leaner while again ensuring that Certainty Starts Here.

Financial performance will be driven by an avant-garde approach to our Dream Team’s educational development, procurement policy, and methods, along with geographic and product expansion capabilities. Policies will continue to be refined to combine responsibility, safety, and wellness with operational efficiency. We will run in unison. We will work to provide a product and service with no equal. We will continue to refine our knowledge to educate and be educated by our business partners, near and far.

We look forward to providing and being the solution to you in 2024, for this, you can be Certain.

Mohit Sharma, President & C.E.O