When is a sales team more than a sales team?

We’ve all had the experience of dealing with companies that have pushy sales reps who are more interested in getting you to buy anything, rather than helping you to fulfil your needs. If you’re already a Zochem customer, you know that’s not the way we operate! If you have questions about zinc oxide, no matter how big the project or how technical, the Zochem team will have straight answers.

arrah-ParvazExperience is a key difference. The overall average level of zinc oxide experience for our veteran Zochem team is over 20 years, with several players over 30 years. With stats like those, we almost certainly have had application experience that matches your market.

So, when one of our sales managers or customer service representatives asks you a question, it may lead to a conversation that could improve a process or even your product. We’re all about helping you win your game!

So, who are these Zochem all-stars? We’ve recently expanded their backgrounders on our website to give you some insights You’ll not only learn about their experience, but their off-the-field interests as well.

Which one is also a private pilot?
Who’s an antique car buff?
Favorite sports?
Who has dual citizenship with a country half-way around the world?

The answers may surprise you, and open the door to some interesting conversations.

Get to know Zochem’s team of zinc oxide sales and customer service specialists.
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