The Largest Zinc Oxide Plant in Canada has no shortage of capacity!

Centrally located, with 60,000 Metric-Ton capacity and
high-efficiency French Process muffle furnaces.

Brampton Ontario plant is strategically supplied by rail from both Canadian smelters.

With the industry’s broadest product line, Zochem
 has the zinc oxide powder & pellets you need.

Quality control technician uses liquid nitrogen in sample testing.

When it comes to quality, Zochem sets the standard.

The main tests performed for the in-process and finished oxide are particle surface area, zinc oxide %,  the “retains” on a 325-mesh screen, lead, moisture, and cadmium levels. 

USP grades, tests are performed according to the zinc oxide USP current monograph or validated internal test methods.

High-purity zinc is stored on site for uninterrupted production.

More product choices, packaged your way.

High-purity zinc is transformed into a full spectrum of zinc oxide powders and pellets of 99.9% purity in our French Process Muffle Furnaces. With heat recovery and refractory advancements, our carbon footprint is only 0.32 tons of CO2 for every ton of zinc oxide…the industry’s most efficient.

Zochem’s Brampton Ontario plant has exceeded 4,266 days without a life-threatening injury and has won numerous awards for safety and employee satisfaction.

Excellent transportation connections ensures fastest possible deliveries.

We understand the importance of continuity of products and customer service.

Zochem and its Dream Team members prioritize ESG and community support.

Zochem is a contributor to numerous nonprofit organizations. Employees also pitch in their time.

A word from Zochem President & CEO, Mo Sharma…

Thank you for taking the time for this introduction to Zochem. I’m based right here in Brampton, and invite you to talk to us about your needs. We also encourage plant tours!