Zinc Oxide LLC Open House At New Plant

Dickson, TN–Zinc Oxide LLC has taken the wraps off their new state-of-the-art plant, at a special event coordinated with the 2014 International Elastomer Conference, held in Nashville. The open house was a complete success, attracting nearly 150 industry VIPs and local officials to the company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Dickson, TN. Visitors from the U.S., Canada, and around the world toured the facility and enjoyed live entertainment, refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.

Held October 15th, Zinc Oxide LLC showcased its new facility, the first new zinc oxide plant to be built in North America in over 20 years. The 170,000 square foot plant is built on a 58 acre site, with two rail sidings and five loading docks. The “stars” of the plant are two highly-efficient muffle furnaces, which produce zinc oxide from special high grade zinc metal or from recycled zinc. A third furnace is on the way, with room on the production floor for an ultimate total of six.

The plant has a 67,000 square foot warehouse, capable of holding 6,000,000 lb. of finished goods inventory. Additionally, to ensure uninterrupted plant operation, a 1,500 KW generator and 30,000 gallon propane system have been installed. Total investment in the facility has been nearly $30 million.

Participants in the open house program included Jim Cooper, US Congressman TN 5th District; David Shepard, TN State Congress; Mary Littleton, TN State Congress; and Bob Rial Dickson, County Mayor. Speakers from Zinc Oxide LLC included Russ Robinson, Chairman; Ron Crittendon, Executive VP; and Ed Smith, VP Marketing and Sales. Visitors to Zinc Oxide LLC represented a wide range of industries, including tire, rubber, paint and coatings, ceramics, fertilizer, electronic, chemical and USP markets.

Zinc Oxide LLC wasn’t just showing off their new facility, it was a coming out party for a company founded less than two years ago. Created by industry veterans, their senior management team is billed as the most experienced in the industry, with a combined experience of over 250 years. With that much talent and industry knowledge, the company was able to design and assemble all of the production equipment and processes. The top eight senior managers have equity positions in the company, further demonstrating their commitment to success.

Open house attendees gave rave reviews of the new facility, which was built on the site of closed factory from another industry. What was a dormant industrial property is now an asset to the community. “The level of industry response to Zinc Oxide LLC has been very impressive,” said Ed Smith, VP of Marketing and Sales. “Customers have told us that they really needed another strong supplier, and what we’ve been doing is on track with their needs.”