Zinc Oxide LLC Celebrates Three-Year Accomplishments

Zinc Oxide LLC is celebrating the start of its third year in production.   As the first US-based zinc oxide manufacturer to begin operations in over 20 years, the company faced many obstacles, but their well-financed, experienced team is already achieving extraordinary success.

According to Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ed Smith, Zinc Oxide LLC, “Our ISO 9001:2008 certified, 170,000-square-foot, facility is on 57 acres and has two rail sidings.”  Smith continued, “Zinc Oxide LLC represents a $30 million investment and the unwavering commitment of an owner- management team with over 200 years of zinc oxide experience.  The results have been nothing short of astounding.  In the past two years, we’ve been the fastest growing zinc oxide producer in North America, and we expect to hit the 55,000,000# sales milestone in 2016.  Even though the market has been in some turmoil this year, with one of our competitors in bankruptcy; and zinc prices rising about 50% since December 2015, Zinc Oxide LLC continues rapid growth in customer approvals and sales volume.”

The plant is fully operational and produces zinc oxide with the well-established  “French Process” production method.   While the company produces zinc oxide powder and pellets for every major market application (high and low surface area, treated, pellets, USP/USFDA), it has become a major supplier to the tire, rubber, chemical, electrical/electronics, animal feed, fertilizer and ceramics markets.

To date, more than two dozen of their200+ customers have audited the Zinc Oxide LLC plant and given high marks for product quality, safety, customer service, manufacturing expertise and ultra-modern quality process controls.  Many have commented positively on the zinc oxide pellets, because of their extremely free flowing and low dusting properties.  In addition to domestic customer locations, the company has shipped to South America, Europe and Asia.

While sales and production growth have been far ahead of industry norms, Zinc Oxide LLC is especially proud of the technical achievements it has made in its first two years.  For example, the “325 Mesh Retain” specification is recognized as critical to many zinc oxide end users.  Zinc Oxide LLC is leading in this area with <0.001% retains on average – an industry leading benchmark

Additionally, the ASTM Committee D24 on Carbon Black selected Zinc Oxide LLC to exclusively provide the zinc oxide reference standard for ASTM D3265 Standard Test Method.  Zinc Oxide LLC is honored by this globally important recognition, which demonstrates its commitment to the tire and rubber industry.  Before the company’s material was approved, it passed rigorous testing by the ASTM and showed the most consistency and desirable target results amongst other manufacturers that were considered.

Regardless of the industry, Zinc Oxide LLC can meet customer needs. For example, the company’s USFDA Certified USP grades (USP 30, USP20, USP10 and USP10LL) have certification as API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) zinc oxide and are inspected by the FDA for compliance with API pharmaceutical drug manufacturing company requirements 21cfr211 cGMP, FDA’s strictest standard. Zinc Oxide LLC also meets EU EC Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) rules of ICH Q7A and applicable USP and EP Pharmacopeia Compendium monographs for API pharma zinc oxide.  Customized grades can be produced and shipped in a variety of packaging of the customer’s choosing.