French Process Zinc Oxide . Grade 124G

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Our Zinc Oxide product is manufactured by the French (Indirect) Process.

Grade 124G is our harder granulated/pelleted form of our grade 800WSA zinc oxide powder.

Grade 124G replaces grade KADOX 720G.

This grade is used in the glass, glazes, ceramics, and frit enamel industry and in applications where high bulk density and free flow is required.

Grade 124G is not recommended for rubber or other applications where individual crystal dispersion is required.

Chemical Analysis (%)
Typical Limit**
Test Method
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) ignited basis 99.7 min 99.9 Supplier (calculation)
Lead (Pb)* 0.005 max 0.002 ASTM D4075
Cadmium (Cd)* 0.005 max 0.0003 ASTM D4075
Iron (Fe) 0.005 max 0.001 ASTM D4075
Copper (Cu) 0.001 max 0.0001 ASTM D4075
Loss at 110° (moisture) 0.3 max 0.2 ASTM D280
Chemical Analysis (%)
Typical Limit**
Test Method
Screen Test + 10 mesh (%) 5 max N/A
Screen Test - 100 mesh (%) 25 max 10
Apparent Density (lbs/ft3) > 70

* Regular test item for process & product control and included on COA’s. Other items for reference only.

Standard Packaging: 50 lb. Kraft paper bags on 2,500 lb net wt. pallet unit, or 2,500 lb FIBC.

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