First New US-Based Zinc Oxide Manufacturer In More Than 20 Years

HOUSTON, TEXAS—Zinc Oxide LLC announces its recent formation as a zinc oxide producer with a new facility based in Dickson, Tenn.
In detailing the new company, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ed Smith indicated that Zinc Oxide LLC will produce the well-established “French Process” zinc oxide grades designed for rubber, tire, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oil additives, ceramics, electronics, glass, plastics, latex, paint and coatings, tape and adhesives, fertilizer markets and more. “This is a unique time in the industry, because supplier changes have created an opportunity for a new company to fill a gap in the market for the need for zinc oxide,” Smith said.

Other members of the senior management team are Russ Robinson, CEO; Barry Hamilton, President; Ron Crittendon, Senior Vice President and Jimmy Kight, Plant Manager. All are seasoned veterans of the zinc oxide industry. The members of the senior management team represent over 200 combined years of experience in zinc oxide.

Zinc Oxide will be manufactured from its new facility in Dickson, Tenn., with a plant capacity of 40,000 metric tons. According to Mr. Smith, “As the newest North American plant, it will also be the most efficient. The company goal will be to deliver the highest level of quality with best in class service. The location of the plant is especially noteworthy, because its central location will significantly reduce shipping costs for most consumers of zinc oxide.”

Zinc Oxide LLC will run a modern plant with ISO certification, Smith added. The company anticipates to be in production second quarter of 2014.

The company made its public debut at the ACS International Rubber Show in Cleveland, October 2013.

For more information on Zinc Oxide LLC and its product line, contact: Zinc Oxide LLC, Inc., 600 Printwood Drive, Dickson, TN 37055. Phone: 615.435.3833; fax: 615-446-8789.


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