Giving People within our Communities Happier Holidays

Zochem is well known as the zinc oxide industry leader for technological advancements in our production processes. This is especially true of our efforts to obtain exemplary safety milestones, along with complimentary quality feedback from the voice of our customer. We’ve invested more than $60 million in the last decade on new building and equipment. As a manufacturing leader, that’s the kind of commitment that Zochem believes is necessary to drive improvements in safety, quality, productivity, and environmental efficiencies.

Zochem supports local charities
Zochem believes in supporting the communities that have provided favorable business environments.

As a member of the communities of Dickson, Tennessee, USA and Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Zochem also continues to dedicate time and cash to support those less fortunate than ourselves. We work toward a day when those who are struggling can also become contributing members of our growing communities in a manner of their choice.

We appreciate that Zochem’s business success requires the support of our local communities. The people, products, and services from these communities provide us the resources to exceed our stakeholder’s expectations.

This holiday season, Zochem has committed over $100,000 to charities and other community causes to help bring extra joy and comfort. These contributions will be in the form of food, household products, shelter, toys, and services needed by those in less fortunate circumstances. As part of this campaign, we encourage our employee to take their volunteerism above and beyond because we know the need is great.

This contribution represents every employee from the plant operations to the Board of Directors. We also believe in strengthening the environment around us for long-term sustainability within our desired locales. The time and funds will go towards many causes that are near and dear to our employee base.

Zochem’s employee base is built on knowledge, dedication, and commitment from all over the world. We have stories from different walks of life, many of which have benefitted because someone took the time and effort to help them when their families needed it most. Their continued efforts to exceed customers’ expectations has built Zochem’s ability to shine a light on what matters most.

Our desire is not for this message to be about Zochem, but rather to rally support from our partners in the community, and to spread this message within their organizations. Zochem views this time of year to be contagious in a positive manner. The more people who get involved in charitable gestures, the more that will hear about it, and the more that we will do our best to join in.

Providing SUPPORT and AID to someone can manifest itself in different ways. Should you wish to get involved and need some ideas, please feel free to reach out to your Zochem contact. We will be delighted to work with you to join our efforts to contribute in ways that will matter most to you.

Let’s try and make this time of year as joyful as we can for as many as we can.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holidays from the Zochem Team!