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Micronutrients/Animal Nutrition


  • Zinc oxide is widely used to supply zinc as a trace element for crops in fertilizers and sprays and for animal nutrition in prepared feeds. It allows crops to grow in sub-standard soil. 3X bushel per acre increase.
  • Typical level of zinc in feed is 50 ppm (equal to 50 grams of zinc per metric ton of feed).
  • Pre-mixes of zinc & other micronutrients may be added to feeds and generally contain 0.5-10 percent zinc.
  • Zinc oxide is often preferred because of high purity, insolubility and low cost.
  • Forms parts of enzyme systems; carbonic anhydrase (proper bone and eggshell formation), carboxypetidase (liver function) & lactic dehydrogenase (skeletal muscle function).

Zochem Grade 500WSA, 800WSA Recommended