Zochem South’s Kringle’s Kids Partnership Event Shatters Records, Serving Over 2,000 Children in 2023!

Hooray! Zochem is thrilled to share the fantastic news of a record-breaking achievement! In 2023, we had the honor of bringing smiles to over 2,000 children’s faces during our third annual Kringle’s Kids extravaganza in the heart of Dickson County, Tennessee.

Kringle’s Kids, a heartwarming initiative that kicked off in 2021, is a collaboration between Zochem, the brave Dickson County Police Department, and the lively local radio station WDKN. Our mission? To bring a sprinkle of magic to the Dickson County Help Center’s Christmas Toy Store during the festive season.

Our very own Chief Financial Officer, Ken Williams (shown at left with Renee Boehm of the Dickson County Help Center), couldn’t contain his excitement, saying, “Our humble endeavor to spread a little cheer in our beloved community and make Christmas a tad brighter for a few more children has blossomed beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve raised over a whopping $200,000 in just three years, bringing joy to more than 4,000 children! The overwhelming response from our partners and the Dickson County community fills us with immense pride. We’re already buzzing with ideas to make next year’s event even grander!”

This year, we had the pleasure of teaming up with the low-power TV station WDHC to rally public support in the form of cash or brand-new, boxed toys. The campaign reached its peak with a spectacular event on December 16, 2023. Zochem was delighted to contribute $40,000, a significant increase from our $23,000 donation in 2022. Looking ahead, in 2024 let’s keep the momentum going!