Zochem Receives Rubber News “Best Places To Work” Award for Third Time!

For the third time in four years, Zochem has been named one of the Rubber News’ Best Places to Work.  How did the company achieve this high honor again? According to Zochem president & CEO, Mo Sharma, “Innovation and collaboration. That was the mantra of Zochem in 2022.

Mohit Sharma Zochem Pres CEO
Mohit Sharma Zochem Pres CEO

We asked ourselves, how can our entire team, from top-to-bottom, find new and inclusive methods to make the workplace more harmonious?” Sharma continued, “The Zochem Dream Team collectively understood that in this hyper-volatile market, we needed to remain nimble to quickly respond to the ever-changing world around us.”

Zochem’s world-class facilities in Dickson, Tennesee, and Brampton, Ontario have continued to emphasize employee safety, and that has paid off. The plants have exceeded 8 and 11 years of operation without a lost-time injury. From the Board of Directors down to each of the departments, operations lead with safety and strive to ensure a healthy work/life balance.

Ken Williams, Zochem CFO, said, “One of our most important leadership tasks is to create and perpetuate an environment that fosters both personal and professional success.  This of course starts with listening to our team members and then working diligently to put the right programs in place so they can thrive.”

Jimmy Kight, Dickson Plant Manager

With a full-time workforce having tenures ranging from 30+ years to 180 days, Zochem is blessed with a diverse team possessing a wide variety of skills, backgrounds, and intellectual capital. Jimmy Kight, Dickson plant manager, explains the benefits of hiring diversity this way, “That formula has given Zochem recognition as an industry leader in chemical manufacturing by many of our business partners. Our success is based on recruiting and retaining the best-qualified people. On an ongoing basis, we invest in training and technology, to keep the job fresh and in step with industry developments. And of course, we continually learn from each other.”

Shahram Mehdian
Brampton Plant Manager

Shahram Mehdian, Brampton Plant Manager, observed, We’ve seen a culmination of effort by employees to ensure that their team exceeds key performance indicators (KPIs) in EH&S, HR, Quality, Productivity, and Cost.  Over 40% of the salaried team is comprised of women who have contributed at every level of the company. And there is a mutual appreciation for the gains.” Team member Karen Bess said, “A few years ago, I was in deep financial debt.   My previous employer didn’t provide the pay rate or benefits that I get now.  Working for Zochem, opened up opportunities for me.  I especially like that I am learning more every time I come to work.”

Remarkably, Zochem team members come from over 20 different countries, each has something unique to contribute. Zochem’s company culture is frequently mentioned by employees. Going well beyond having lunch together, Zochem has encouraged team participation in charitable activities and has sponsored numerous employee family outings.

President & C.E.O. Mohit Sharma closed by adding, “We work at managing ‘ebbs and flows,’ an expression that is all too common but is not often considered for the impact it can have on households, relationships, and business.  We desire that each member of the Zochem Dream Team hone that skill that allows them to balance and manage the unexpected. That’s true whether it be at Zochem, or more importantly at home with their loved ones.  We seek to encourage that trait in our employees and look forward to continuing to grow our team through 2023 and beyond.”

Zochem is a producer of high-quality French Process Zinc Oxide using highly efficient muffle furnaces that result in lower impurity product, a smaller carbon footprint, and safer operation.  French Process Zinc Oxide is the more pure form of zinc oxide, using an indirect heat source compared to other methods (ex.  American Process) which uses a direct heat source on raw materials with higher impurities.

Zochem wins Rubber News Best Places to Work Award

The Rubber News’ Best Places to Work program, recognizes and honors companies in the rubber industry for outstanding employee satisfaction. The rubber industry was defined as companies that make end rubber products, as well as their suppliers.

Determining the best places to work involves a two-step process. The first step involves an evaluation of participating companies’ workplace policies, practices, and demographics. In the second step, employee surveys are conducted to directly assess the experiences and attitudes of individual employees concerning their workplace. The combined scores determine the top organizations and the final ranking. is honored to have been given this prestigious acknowledgment. The company is proud to share the award with our hardworking employees who provided positive feedback which we will continue to build on.