Zochem North earns ARPM Gold Achievement Safety Award

For a fifth consecutive year, Zochem ULC (North) has earned an important safety award from the  Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM). The AEOM Gold Achievement Safety Award for 2022 was in recognition, not only of the facility’s flawless safety record but in its highly dedicated safety program. Every team member in the facility actively contributes to work safety. It starts with simple things, such as being mindful of the potential hazards, managing risks, and doing everything possible to keep our facility free from accidents and illness. Zochem’s dedicated safety-focused plant team members do face a relatively higher level of health and safety challenges and have to be constantly mindful of their work environment, even while performing routine tasks.  One of the company’s guiding safety principles is to manage risks to “As Low As Reasonably Achievable.” While unforeseen events can occur, Zochem employees train not only for accident prevention but also how to quickly respond if a safety incident occurs.

ARPM 2022 Safety AwardOngoing safety training, includes but is not limited to safe working at heights, lockout tagout, lift truck and crane operation, and other man-machine interactions. Front-line supervisors observe risks within standardized job tasks performed by their colleagues working on the plant floor and document positive practices and opportunities for improvement. These contribute to meeting individual supervisors’ quarterly audit goals. This practice is one of the leading safety indicators that is monitored and reported in management review meetings. The importance of reporting “near misses” and all safety-related incidents to one’s supervisor is required so that our team can continue to learn how to minimize the risks within the workplace.

Zochem’s leadership “walks” the safety talk as well. All meetings, including those of the Board of Directors, start with health and safety – a key reminder of the importance placed on this issue.  Management also focuses as much on mental health and wellness as on industrial hazards to provide a holistic foundation for the company’s commitment to each employee.  With a strong commitment to safety from the top, Zochem North is optimistic about carrying on with its venerable safety record. We sincerely thank ARPM for their recognition of Zochem’s safety performance within the industry and for providing us with another great reason to talk about safety and celebrate our success humbly.