Zochem fills critical need during COVID-19 emergency.

Zochem is North America’s leading producer of zinc oxide. While many people associate zinc oxide with
sunscreens or as essential for the production of rubber products, it is also an important ingredient in
pharmaceuticals, food additives, fertilizers, chemicals, plastics, livestock feed, and many other
applications. As such, businesses such as Zochem are categorized by the US Department of Homeland
Security as essential to the health and welfare of the country. With that guidance, Zochem continues to
staff and operate its two production plants in Tennessee and Ontario, Canada.

Zochem has a well-documented record of making safety a top priority with its workers and
communities, so the company was quick to develop COVID-19 response plans that allowed it to stay in
operation. The plan includes proactive measures consistent with current government guidelines to
protect employees against possible exposure to COVID-19. These policies include social distancing while
at work, protective gear, and telecommuting for office workers. Consistent with occupational health and
safety regulations of the US and Canada, Zochem employees are already disciplined in proper hygiene
and respiratory protection. The COVID-19 plan steps this up even higher. Policies that have already been
implemented are numerous and include remote working for office staff. Outsider visits to the company’s
facilities and nonessential business travel have been curtailed.

Commenting on the current situation, Ed Smith, Zochem VP of Sales and Marketing said, “Our highest
priority is doing everything within our power to support the health and safety of our customers, team
members, supplier partners, and communities. Following that, we commit to doing our part to help keep
America running.” Smith continued, “Companies like Zochem are at the start of both the food chain and
industrial processes. Even so, it wouldn’t take long for shortages to occur if we stopped production.”
Zochem is on solid financial footing, despite the COVID-19 impacts.

The zinc industry is composed of a complex web of production, processing, and end-use manufacturing
critical to maintaining and ensuring food supply; production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment;
and protecting essential transportation, energy, and public works infrastructure.

As the crisis evolves in North America, Zochem will continue to assess and adjust as needed. At this
time, we do not expect any business or service disruptions and maintain a commitment to working
together during this difficult time. The company’s sales and customer service representatives constantly
receive updated information from management and are available to answer customer questions.