The Best Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreens

You’re told time and again to put on sunscreen. Not only when outdoors, but daily, regardless of schedule or lifestyle. Although you’re constantly reminded to slather on sun protection, you often forego it because you think it’s unnecessary—especially when all you want is a golden tan.

It’s not until sunspots and signs of skin damage manifest do you realize the importance of wearing sunscreen every day of the year. At the most dangerous end of the spectrum, UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer. Far scarier for some people: wrinkles.

When selecting the sunscreen that will suit you best, make sure that it is formulated for “broad spectrum.” This means that your sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Also consider SPF—the higher the number, the longer you can go between reapplications. Finally, for true protection, make sure that your sunscreen contains zinc oxide. This is a safer alternative to your traditional sun protection, as it is known for its healing properties. Zinc oxide is also antibacterial, which helps skin recover from burns or wounds. Formulations with zinc oxide are also preferred because of their ability to keep moisture locked in and for treating acne breakouts. –MORE–