Zinc Oxide Competitive Cross Reference

Zochem New GRADE ZNO LLC Old Grade Zochem Old Grade Horsehead US Zinc GH Chem Akrochem
103 800XL 103 930,XX-503/601 AZO66XL CR-3 FP-H/MA/Z
104 800 104 Kadox 920 AZO66 CR-4 RG-M
101 800H 100, 101 Kadox 915 AZO77H CR-41 XF-MA
102 800HSA 102 Kadox 911 AZO77HSA CR-42 XF-H/XF-Z
400 400 604 Kadox 720 210 RG-MA
500 500 205
500WSA 500WSA
800WSA 800WSA 300, 301
103USP 103 USP Kadox USP-2
112USP USP10 112 USP Kadox USP-3 AZO66USP CR-4, USP2
102USP USP30 102 USP Kadox USP-1
103USPL 103 USP Low Pb CR-3 FCC
112USPL 112 USP Low Pb CR-4 FCC
101USPL 101 USP Low Pb
102USPL 102 USP Low Pb
112EP EP 112 EP/BP
103P 800LP
104P 800P 104P CR-4G
400P 400P 624 Kadox 720P
500P 500P
124G 124 Kadox 720G CR-4G
103T 800LT 103C Kadox 930C AZO66XL-T CR-30 FPT-H
104T 800T 172 Kadox 920C AZO66T CR-40 FPT-H/RGT-H/Z
101T 800HT AZO77HT CR-41 FPT-Z
102T 800HSA-T 102C Kadox 911C AZO77HSA-T CR-42 XFT-H, XFT-MA
400T 400T 672 Kadox 720C 210S RGT-M/MA/Z
500T 500T 205S
Zochem Zinc Oxide Brochure
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