New book follows an inquisitive child who learns about an important chemical.

Most adults take for granted the products they use every day. Whether it grows on a farm, is created in a factory, or exists in the natural world, availability and accessibility surpass explanation and need to know. Inquisitive children, however, want to understand more.

Learn alongside your child as the relatable character Zochy takes you on an adventure to explore where zinc oxide comes from and how it is used. Make new discoveries together and be amazed how many products contain this very quiet, yet powerful, compound.

From the book’s overview…

 “Zochy loves to explore and learn new things, and today she’s learning all about zinc oxide! Join her as she finds out how interesting and cool chemistry can be. Zinc oxide is everywhere, from the breakfast table to the farm, and Zochy can’t wait to find all of its different applications. It might even be in places she never thought to look!

This book, presented by Zochem, is an educational tool for children to explore the vast applications of zinc oxide in their everyday world. A very quiet chemical, it’s often just one ingredient within a larger product. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful! Kids will get the chance to explore everything about this fascinating, useful compound, and learn along with Zochy.

Mohit “Mo” Sharma, president of Zochem, a B2B chemical company, is committed to grow the leaders of tomorrow by educating children today. With the help of Zochy, the chemical complexities of zinc oxide are broken down into simple terms. Uncover the countless ways it is used in ways to enhance our lives.

A perfect addition to a home library, school or science club, it is available in hard cover, soft cover, or ebook. 100% of the proceeds from Zochy’s Adventures with Zinc Oxide will be donated to charities benefiting children.  Order now at Amazon.