COVID-19 Zinc Oxide Supply Update

Zochem’s entire team remain hopeful that none of our customers’ employees or their family members have been or will be ill affected by CV-19 and that all of this will be behind us very soon!

Zochem has indeed been very fortunate, in that we have not had a single team member or familymember test positive. Everyone is healthy and all are working hard to stay that way! We also want you to know that we are continually monitoring the situation and are doing everything we can to keep our personnel safe while ensuring that your ZnO supply chain remains 100% reliable.

Some actions we have or will be implanting:

  1. Expanded our raw materials supply base
  2. Stocking excess raw materials to circumvent any short term supply chain disruption
  3. Working around the ever-changing logistics challenges for inter-state transports
  4. Stocking excess quantities of our most critical grades of zinc oxide
  5. Implemented a ‘work from home’ strategy for all who can work remotely and we’readjusting/staggering the hours on site for those who can’t
  6. Taking extra house-keeping and employee personal hygiene measures to minimize risks
  7. Strongly supporting social distancing measures both within and outside our organization
  8. Allowed for increased staffing to allow us to react to a potentially affected employee
  9. Restricted non-essential employee travel
  10. Restricted non-essential site visitors
  11. Reduced our list of qualified contractors to those who fully support our efforts
  12. Contingency plans for a long list of possibilities
  13. The management team are meeting (via teleconference) daily to keep everyone appraised and to allow for quick decision making
  14. Company-wide (daily) communications to keep our employees informed
  15. Constantly exploring additional opportunities to further protect our employees while ensuring areliable supply for our customers

Zochem’s leadership is very confident that life will get back to normal in fairly short order. In the meantime, we want to ensure you that your ZnO supply line is robust and reliable. Thus far, we’ve had one delivery get delayed due to a logistics challenge and that delivery was completed the following day.

In the words of several of our team members, ‘Don’t worry. We’ve got this’ Please contact your customer service or sales rep if you have any concerns, questions or further advice.

Best Regards,

Ron Crittendon
President & CEO