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COVID-19 Zinc Oxide Supply Update

Zochem’s entire team remain hopeful that none of our customers’ employees or their family members have been or will be ill affected by CV-19 and that all of this will be behind us very soon! Zochem has indeed been very fortunate, in that we have not had a single team member or familymember test positive. […]

Zochem North Challenged itself to cut Water Consumption by 33%

A little over a year ago, the Brampton, Ontario manufacturing plant of Zochem realized that they had an opportunity to dramatically cut their facility’s water usage.  The company, a major manufacturer of commercial zinc oxide powder and pellets, realized that there would be significant environmental and cost benefits if water usage could be reduced. So, […]

Zochem Delivers the Most Precise Control of Bag Discharge

Zochem has recently added the JS Iris Diaphragm Valve Bulk Bag Discharge Control system, allowing us to precisely control the transfer of zinc oxide from large bulk bags to smaller bags and containers to meet specific customer needs. Bulk bags can weigh anywhere from 1,000 to 4,400 lb. Without this type of iris control, it can be […]


Dickson, TN – Zochem, a leading manufacturer of zinc oxide powder and pellets, announced that it has been recognized by the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) with its “Gold Safety Award” for plant safety.  In addition, the State of Tennessee has awarded Zochem the Tennessee Governor’s Award for Safety. Each year, Tennessee awards 10-15 […]

Looking for the right sunscreen? Here’s what you need to know.

By Lauren Teruya | May 31, 2019 at 3:19 PM HST – Updated May 31 at 3:19 PM HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – A recent study that found chemicals in some sunscreens could seep into your bloodstream is prompting lots of questions for consumers. Which sunscreens are safe? Do sunscreens hurt coral? And what about sunscreens […]

The Best Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreens

You’re told time and again to put on sunscreen. Not only when outdoors, but daily, regardless of schedule or lifestyle. Although you’re constantly reminded to slather on sun protection, you often forego it because you think it’s unnecessary—especially when all you want is a golden tan. It’s not until sunspots and signs of skin damage […]


Zochem recently hosted an event for the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) at the Dickson Tennessee plant and headquarters.  The open house was attended by a select group of 20 members, including production managers, quality managers, operations specialists and owners. The Zochem presentation included a brief history of the company, zinc oxide specifications and […]


As reported in THE DICKSON HERALD NEWS, Zochem, a leading producer of zinc oxide for industry, has been recognized by Tennessee’s governor for the Dickson plant’s exemplary safety record.  The plant produces zinc oxide powder and pellets for every major market application and is also a major supplier to the tire, rubber, chemical, electrical/electronics, animal […]

Zochem Launches New Zinc Oxide Website

Showcases now-combined resources of two major producers DICKSON, TENNESSEE —ZOCHEM, a leading zinc oxide manufacturer has just launched a comprehensive new responsive website.   The site utilizes the latest website technology to provide a superior usability experience on any type of web device. Zochem LLC is a major North American producer of zinc oxide, headquartered in […]

Zinc Oxide LLC Acquires Zochem…becomes a Leading North America Producer

DICKSON, TENNESSEE —Zinc Oxide LLC has announced the acquisition of Zochem, a subsidiary of American Zinc Recycling LLC .  Headquarters will reside at the Zinc Oxide LLC Dickson TN facility. In 2017, the combined companies will generate sales of approximately $250 million (US), and are approved suppliers at 88% of the total North American zinc […]

Zinc Oxide LLC Celebrates Three-Year Accomplishments

Zinc Oxide LLC is celebrating the start of its third year in production.   As the first US-based zinc oxide manufacturer to begin operations in over 20 years, the company faced many obstacles, but their well-financed, experienced team is already achieving extraordinary success. According to Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ed Smith, Zinc Oxide […]