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Message to Stakeholders

Leadership, driven by a passion for perfection.

Zochem’s core values are rooted in our integrity and are driven by an immeasurable passion for perfection.  The safety of our team members (The Dream Team) will always take precedence, while the quality of our product and services will be second to none.  We will have no equal.

We know that zinc oxide is essential to everyday life and our intent is to help make the planet a little bit better with each passing day.  We listen to and embrace the needs of our constituents, while sharing our unprecedented knowledge of our product. We continually encourage innovative change and the empowerment of every member of The Dream Team to cohesively create and deliver the absolute best zinc oxide in the world, while having a positive impact on our community and the environment.

We have and will continue to set new global standards for the industry by developing and demonstrating best practices in everything we do.  To ensure our long-term success, we will continue to grow our expertise, develop our team members and enlighten our stakeholders to the value in the pursuit of excellence.

Zochem is the answer to all things zinc oxide!