2021 Message from our President & C.E.O.

We are privileged to have you as part of our valuable network and are delighted that we have created a forum to share with you the progress, activities, and actions taken by Zochem as we strive to be the industry leader in zinc oxide products.

As we have moved into 2021 from a challenging and educational 2020, Zochem is poised to continue its focus on the health and wellness of our employees, exceeding customer expectations, and continuously improving our partnerships with our vendors, distributors, communities, local government, and neighbors alike.

Zochem President CEO

Our value proposition of providing high-purity zinc oxide using responsible manufacturing practices at the discerning specifications of our customers is what separates Zochem from the rest.  However, Zochem is not just a chemical company.  In 2021 and beyond, you will see and hear more of Zochem’s commitment to our venerable safety and environmental compliance record, our focus on community support and welfare for those less fortunate, and our drive to share the excellence in our people and process which is aligned throughout the Zochem organization.  Our efforts and approach to communicating our newly focused ESG platform will be organic and informative for all of you as we expect to both give to you and receive from you vital education; our informed and knowledgeable network.

We have the fundamentals of being led by good governance comprised of a multi-faceted Board of Directors with a global mindset who expect care for all members within Zochem’s environment.  The alignment of the Board with the manufacturing facilities is driven by frequent communication and information sharing which is culminated within investments towards employee safety programs, greener technology, energy reduction, and leadership and education within our communities.

We are a team of dedicated, highly skilled, and proud employees who are harmonized to the beat of your drum.  We are Zochem, the Answer to All Things Zinc Oxide, and we look forward to you being a part of our journey.

Mohit (Mo) Sharma

President & C.E.O.