Established in 1933, Zochem is Canada’s largest zinc oxide manufacturer and the second largest single site producer in North America. Subsequent to relocating in 1974 to our Brampton, Ontario facility, Zochem has generated a steady rate of growth. Our reputation as a supplier of consistent, high quality zinc oxide is backed by our superior level of prompt, responsive service.
Product Line
With a complete line of zinc oxide grades, Zochem is able to service the needs of most industries; including rubber products, chemicals, ceramics, paints, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.
Using Special High Grade Zinc, we produce the highest quality zinc oxide. Our grades are available in a wide range of surface areas, as well as surface treated and pelletized versions.
Distribution & Service
In order to provide each of our customers with superior service, we have established a network of distributors and warehouse facilities in virtually every major centre throughout the United States and Canada.
Our carriers are carefully screened and selected to ensure they meet our criteria for: courteous service, on-time delivery, security, safety and competitive rates.
We offer our product in a variety of packaged forms; from traditional Kraft bags to returnable super sacs; from fiber drums to low melt batch inclusion bags. We also offer a variety of both non-returnable and returnable pallets.
International Commitments
In addition to North America, Zochem also services various global markets directly or through distributors; with added emphasis on the electronic, ceramic, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical and rubber industries.
We are capable of meeting all international shipping and packaging requirements.
ISO Registrations
Our customers, employees, community and the environment are considered vital to our operation. Zochem is, thus, proud to maintain registration under the following ISO standards:
  • Quality - 9001:2008
  • Health and Safety - OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Environment - 14001:2004
Industries We Serve
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